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Domain Name Dropcatching

Awesome, valuable domain names expire every day. Our platform helps domain name investors & entrepreneurs snatch them up, the instant they become available.

  • We support popular ccTLDs like .IO, .IN & .LA
  • We support new gTLDs like .XYZ, .CLUB & .WORLD
  • Get key metrics like search volume, CPC & Estibot value.
  • NO upfront payments required to place orders!

Domain Auctions Platform

We realize how important it is to tell the world your domains are for sale. This is why we've created our auctions platform.

List any domains you dropcatch or register with NICKED

No listing fee, re-list unlimited amount of times

10% success fee, includes escrow services

Fully localized for Chinese users

Domain Name Registration

NICKED is a domain name registrar, which means you can directly register domain names using your NICKED account. Take a look at our domains and their 1st year registration prices:

Powerful search tools

Filter by letters, no letters, numbers, no numbers, hyphens, length, SLD, TLD.

Valuation & search metrics

Get value estimations from Estibot, search volume and CPC for dropping domains or domains in your portfolio.

Free WHOIS Privacy

NICKED customers can enjoy complimentary WHOIS privacy thanks to Privacy.CC. Your real details will be masked using our registrant proxy service.

Receive Email notifications

If you like to focus on a niche category, NICKED can email you when domains matching your criteria are dropping.

FAQ This FAQ covers the following topics:

Domain Naming System

Domain names, their lifecycles, TLDs, registries and registrars

Dropcatching vs. Backorders

Understand why a backorder is NOT the same as a dropcatch

Investing in domain names

Why do people buy domains and how they profit from them

Domain names are used to identify one or more IP addresses. For example, the domain name google.com represents about a dozen IP addresses. Domain names are used in URLs to identify particular Web pages. For example, in the URL https://www.nicked.net/auctions, the domain name is nicked.net.

TLD is an acronym for Top Level Domain. It is the part of a domain name to the right of the dot. For example, .NET is the TLD of the domain name NICKED.NET.

ccTLD is an acronym for Country Code Top Level Domain. For example, .US is a country code top level domain for the United States. .CN is China's.

gTLD is an acronym for Generic Top Level Domain. For example, .BIZ is one of the original generic top level domains. Thousands of new gTLDs (or ngTLDs) have recently been released, such as .XYZ, .CLUB, .REPAIR and .MANAGEMNET.

A registry is the entitiy responsible for maintaining a TLD's zone. For example, Verisign is the registry for .COM.

A registrar is the authorized reseller of a TLD. NICKED.NET is a registrar for several TLDs like .LA, .PW, .CX, .MK, .IO and many more.

Domain names can typically be registered for 1-10 years. It's the owner's responsibility to renew the domain before the end of the domain's registration term. Normally, there's a grace period to pay for a renewal after the domain has expired. The grace period, or redemption period, lasts anywhere from 5-90 days - depending on the TLD. If the domain is not renewed within that period, it ultimately gets put into a pendingDelete state and is then released back to general availability within 1-5 days.

Domain name dropcatching, is the practice of registering a domain name once registration has lapsed, immediately after it is released and available for registration.

Many websites incorreclty use this term in place of "dropcatching", when in fact, it's NOT the same as dropcatching! A backorder is made at the registry level. Backordered domains do NOT go through the full pendingDelete process, where they ultimately get released back to general availability. Instead, the registry backorder is a way to take over registration of a domain. There can only be 1 backorder, per domain, but some registries auction the backorder off to the highest bidder. NICKED is a dropcatching service - not a backorder service.

People have been investing in domains since at least March 15, 1985 when Symbolics.com was registered. This is THE oldest domain name in existence. Investing in a domain has many more benefits than traditional investments, like real estate or the stock market. Unlike a house or condo, there is no upkeep to do, you have access to your it 24/7 and can liquidate it any time you want - from anywhere in the world. The monetary benefits can be ENORMOUS - unlike any other investment available.

The world record for highest price recorded domain name sale, was sex.com. Jeff Gabriel brokered the domain just 10 years after it was registered for $14,000,000 USD. At that time, the registration fees would have cost the owner no more than a total of $500. (That's a 28000x ROI) Of course, not ever domain sale makes that kind of return, but MANY do result in a larger return ROI than most anything else you have access to.

Domains are sold every day. Transactions are done on public market places, auctions and many are done in private. Domaining is not limited to one generation, race, country or location. It is a truly global, open and completely legal form of trade. The key is indentifying market trends, making smart buys and knowing how to get the most from a potential buyer. If you're not into being a salesman, many brokerage firms will handle your transactions for you or you can simply list your domains on domain name auction marketplaces.

We intentionally do not have a traditional signup form, for a few reasons. First, easy of use. It's much easier to click a button to login, than remembering another darn password! Additionally, there seems to be a lot of domain name theft going on recently. It's believed that many people get robbed due to having their passwords stolen through keyloggers. We feel it's less likely that your social media (Facebook, Gmail, QQ, etc.) password will be stolen, than your registrar account's. We also added two-step authentication to ensure YOU are the only one logging into your NICKED account. Don't forget to enable it!

The Wall Street Journal recently published an interesting article titled "Beyond Passwords". It says, “Passwords are a weak way to authenticate people [because] humans have a maximum amount of entropy, which is basically randomness, we can keep in our heads. There is a genuine limit to what we can commit to memory, and that sets a limit for how complex a password can be.” The simpler the password, the easier it is to guess, and “the bad guys have been guessing passwords with faster and faster machines,”. Check it out here.

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